Valentine's Day Mindfulness

Valentine’s Day Mindfulness

How can you incorporate mindfulness into your Valentine’s Day celebration?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a discussion on self-love!  During the month of February,
we can encourage our students to focus on sharing love with others, but also taking the time to care for
themselves.  Below are some mindfulness activities that will help our students to focus on self-love.

The heart breathing exercise can be used to practice deep breathing exercises
with students. Students will use their finger to trace the outside of the heart.
Beginning at the “Start Here” location, students will breathe in through their nose,
hold for one count, and then exhale through their mouth as they trace the
opposite side of the heart.

This mindfulness script focuses on letting go of negative thoughts with each
exhale. With each inhale, students will breathe in positive affirmations and
self-love statements. This can be used during a classroom lesson, small group
counseling, or during individual counseling with students.

This exercise encourages students to write specific and meaningful compliments
that they would like to give themselves. Students will say the compliment out loud.
If a mirror is available, they can say the compliment in front of a mirror.
During the Roll and Respond Game, students will break into small groups of 2 to 3.
Each student will take a turn rolling a dice and responding to the prompts provided.
To practice mindful coloring, students can listen to calming music while coloring in the pages provided.
During this time, encourage students to focus on their breath.

Learn more about these activities here!

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